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Stress Relief & Health Consultants
Macedon Commons
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Individual Services

Health Coaching

Individualized health and wellness coaching that will help you develop a plan for better health that is attainable. The plan will consider individual factors and health conditions when designing custom diet and exercise.


Functional Fitness
Individualized physical condition program that focuses on core strengthening which improves function and prevents injury. The fitness program is highly adaptive and can accommodate individual abilities, physical limitations or health conditions.


Nutrition Education
Individualized nutrition counseling and development of a plan based on health history. A nutritional counselor will help individual set achievable health goals and ways of maintaining these goals throughout a lifetime. 


Stress Relief Education
Education on the causes of stress, science of stress, and stress related symptoms. Individual instruction will occur on the use of a variety of stress reduction techniques. 


Vibration Therapy
This service is a whole body vibration therapy using a T-Zone oscillating vibration technology platform. This therapy is great for strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation and improving health conditions such as lymphedema.


Nature Healing
This service will provide education and healing by engaging in the natural world. A variety of structured activities will be available that will highlight historical, ecological or scientific facts of outdoor surroundings by organizing nature walks, camping trips, crafts or outdoor skills.

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