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Stress Relief & Health Consultants
Macedon Commons
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Mendon, NY 14506

Phone: 585 248 3691

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Welcome to Stress Relief & Health Consultants

Discover the Ability to Heal Yourself

Good health is actively and purposefully behaving in ways that leave you stronger, better nourished, less stressed, and more comfortable in your body and mind. Good health is more than not being sick. When you are healthy, you enjoy many benefits. Good health is experiencing the energy and motivation to seek the things you most want without the distractions or stresses of illness. Good health is being hardy and sound in body and mind.


Many individuals feel stuck or confused on how they can improve their health.  There can be underlying health conditions or psychological barriers that prevent the initiation of diet and exercise.  Stress Relief & Health Consultants is focused on helping individuals who may have health or stress related conditions begin their journey to leading a healthier stress free life. 




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